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9/18/2009 03:22:08 am

Hi Parents - I hope you all received the email regarding Scholastic Books Orders. You can now view catalogs,order books, and pay online. Just be sure to use my username andersontag and password mountainpark and then our class will earn free books when you order.

9/18/2009 03:24:38 am

WOW! I'm enjoying watching my 2nd grade TAG class work as architects as they build the most amazing castles! Luckily, parents sent in tons of fun boxes and "odds and ends" from around the house for us to use. Stay tuned for some photos on my website soon.

10/10/2009 07:31:46 am

On Thursday October 8 I finished a top secret project. And, it looks fab.

11/11/2009 08:34:25 am

I can't wait for tommorrow!

12/11/2009 09:06:27 am

I love Tag and I proformed my energy song in class. It was very fun!

Caroline Clark & rylyn Monahan
12/17/2009 03:01:10 am

Hi everyone,

We lost a bracelet. contact us if you find it. If you find it contact Mrs. Cruz.

Yorick Andeweg
10/18/2010 05:22:22 am

Hi Ms. Anderson! I am excited about our unit. I especially enjoy powerpoint projects. I'm sure my mom will support TAG and make a donation!

Miles Demings
10/18/2010 07:46:58 am

Hey Ms. Anderson. Icant wait to build our city! I will talk to my mom about joining when she gets back. I hope more people will blog.

10/20/2010 08:52:17 am

hi mrs.anderson my mom said that i can bring 2 potatoes!!!!!!

Miles harris
10/22/2010 04:29:39 am

hi ms anderson you are the best math teacher i ever had

10/26/2010 04:06:15 am


Evan Vislusky
10/26/2010 04:07:49 am

Today was fun. After the video Spacetato had a tan. My space suit was only $11,550!

Nolan ledbetter
10/26/2010 04:09:20 am

10/26/10 2;07

Hello Mrs. Anderson you are the best TAG teacher EVER I'LL miss you tomorrow BYE!

miles harris
10/27/2010 12:49:39 am


Hannah nicholson
10/27/2010 05:45:52 am

hi mrs anderson i loved making potato astronouts yesterday.i love your tag class. it is so much fun!

bye for now!

hannah nicholson

Yorick Andeweg
11/29/2010 06:09:39 am

Hi! I mis you already. Thanks for stopping by. I was going to tell about Cirque du Soleil in connections today but then I remembered I had Ms. Hammilton! Cirque du Soleil is a non-animal circus. We watched the show "Ovo." Today we had Odyssy of the Mind. we decided to do project 2 which was build a complex invention that does the same as a simple, everyday item. RJ wasn't too happy about that; he wanted to do project 1 which was make a mousetrap-powered veichle. I wish you could stop by more often! Bye!


Emily Salmond
11/29/2010 08:37:35 am

I enjoy doing Connections in TAG and I think it's a great way to learn more about each other. You can tell about yourself and be polite while lettting people know your hobbies and intrests. Our new unit on the Georgia Coast Line is getting interesting and I think it's a great way to practice brainstorming and working with a group. Have a great day and stay safe! Thanks!
-Emily S.

Yorick Andeweg
12/1/2010 09:01:25 am

Hi! I really enjoy our "barrier islands on Georgia's east coastline unit, but I am sad we had to leave you. My sister Kristin misses her claymation unit and also misses you. Bye!

Yorick Andeweg
12/1/2010 09:04:04 am

I meant to have apostrophies after the word "coastline" on my last entry. by the way, my mom can't open the "Claymation" page.

12/5/2010 10:14:17 am

In this unit the islands on the coast of Georgia will we do a creative and fun project. Also connections rocks tomorrow (I AM WRITING THIS 12-5-10 9:12) on Monday could you explain the timers job I do not get it.

12/5/2010 10:16:57 am

Mrs. Anderson I hope more people publish!!!

Lauren Hasson
1/21/2011 10:43:46 pm

hi I was bored so i came to this website and thats all really

teresa bascle
5/2/2011 11:13:59 pm

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiii i am bored and now i shall go on to renzulli. goodbye. uhh... why are yu still reading this? I said goodbye! GO AWAY!!!!!!

becca eisenstein
8/23/2011 10:20:51 am

you are an awesome teacher


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